Business Intelligence Automation


Businesses are dealing with fragmented data sets living across different systems such as marketing, financial, inventory & more. This makes it difficult to see the full picture. For example, being able to assess the profitability of a marketing campaign. ACEI can address this crucial challenge.

Reporting Automation

Tired of spending countless hours manually pulling reports? We can streamline, customize and automate all of your reporting. Our approach is simple, first we partner with you to determine your business intelligence needs, then we identify where all of the data lives and build a framework to piece it all together in a data warehouse. Finally, we design custom automated reports to deliver what you want when you want it.

Taking It To The Next Level

Once we have stitched together your data sets, we can then analyze them and provide strategic, actionable insights for your business.

Start The Conversation

We offer you a FREE evaluation of your current landscape so that we can better assess your reporting needs & show you the potential.


Eg. We would like to tie our marketing campaign performance data back to our financial reporting.