Looking to implement a new ecommerce tool?

The current digital landscape offers up more choices than ever making it difficult to distinguish between the options and choose a partner to work with. We cut through the noise by first understanding your business’ requirements and then inviting only the most relevant players in the space to participate in the Request For Proposal (RFP) process.

Why partner with us?

The Top 5 reasons to work with us are:
We follow a methodical, unbiased process to eliminate “noise” & find the right tools for you
Our expert negotiation skills deliver the best combination of product & pricing for your business
Reduce the internal workload needed to support an RFP
We bring significant amounts of user experience to fill any gaps in your team's expertise
Our lean pricing model guarantees high ROI on the engagement

Implementation Support

Once we have helped you identify the right partner for your business, we can also provide support throughout the implementation process. Our levels of support range from pure strategic guidance to actually leading the entire implementation on your behalf.

Specialties: Email Service Providers, Ecommerce Platforms, Analytics Platforms


Eg. We are looking to implement a new ecommerce platform and need strategic guidance on platform selection.