Email is almost always the most valuable player in the digital marketing mix because it allows you to engage with your customer on an ongoing basis in a cost-effective way and works in tandem with other channels.

Promotional Email
Promotional emails are the cornerstone of any email program. Many businesses have replaced generic batch & blast campaigns with 1:1 personalized emails giving customers what they want, when they want it. This requires the effective use of preference centers, predictive models and much more. Iterative multi-variate (A/B) testing and optimization are also a necessity to elevate an email program & drive incremental ROI.

Triggered Email
We define Triggered Emails as any campaign that is tied in to an action taken by your shopper. Examples include placing an order, contacting customer service etc. For most businesses this is either a “behind-the-scenes” email campaign or an after-thought. The reality is that these emails tend to have significantly higher engagement than Marketing emails due to their high degree of relevancy for the customer. Savvy marketers are aware of this and maximize these touch points and interactions.

Customer Journey Example

Automated Journeys
It is important to have a conversation with your audience & nurture them throughout their lifecycle with your business. Examples of these journeys include Welcome, Post-Purchase & Reactivation Programs. Highly effective marketers clearly carve out these customer journeys to ensure that they are maximizing every opportunity to engage and grow Life Time Value (LTV).

We can help you build out your email program if you’re just starting out or we can increase the sophistication of your existing program.